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Property Sponsorship Management Guide

sponsorship management guide - cap1A sponsorship is a sophisticated and complex marketing tool; it entails an entire strategic process of solicitation, negotiation, and customer service. What’s more: professionals who are responsible for sponsorships must fully grasp both traditional and non-traditional marketing communication channels as well as the inner workings of several different markets. Sponsorships can be leveraged to achieve many objectives and reach different target audiences. It is therefore important to understand the basics before launching a full-fledge sponsorship campaign.

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Achieving Marketing Objectives Through Social Sponsorships

Science of Sponsorship Series

This series takes a look at the academic literature on sponsorship and offers a condensed summary and managerial implications.


Achieving Marketing Objectives Through Social Sponsorships

Original authors: Carolyn J. Simmons & Karen L. Becker-Olsen

Social sponsorship is no longer a bland vehicle for corporate social responsibility or philanthropy. Brands use it more and more to achieve marketing or corporate communication objectives. In that light, the authors discovered that social sponsorship, like its traditional counterpart, is most effective when strategically planned and executed. To achieve desired results, it is paramount for a strong natural fit to exist between the brand and the selected non-profit. Managerial implications are covered below. Continue reading

10 Sponsorship trends for 2015

Our team has put together the top ten trends for 2015. Check them out here and join the conversation.


1. Digital and tech

Shiny and new

With the advancement of digital innovations, marketers are increasingly seeking new technologies to enhance their sponsorship activations and efforts. From mobile to geotargeting to geofencing, we are seeing a major shift in the sponsorship industry away from stationary tents and samplingto more sophisticated digital activations. To capitalize on this new technological landscape, marketers are re-evaluating and changing their approach to sponsorship and events.

In-venue entertainment is benefitting from various innovations. The now generalized use of smartphones that act as second screens can create an opportunity for sponsors to provide an added value to their target audience’s experience, such as the Barclay Center application. Barclay seized that opportunity to activate their venue sponsorship with the creation of an app that delivers exclusive content and valuable information for a better user experience. Continue reading

Sponsorship evaluation: Comparative advantages


Effective and connected tools

When it comes to evaluating a sponsorship package, pulling a number out of a hat is not enough. That’s where the Elevent report can serve you well. We’ve collated the latest data on the market so you can have a fair and independent assessment of sponsorship plans. Visit Elevent.ca today for more information.

Mai Duong: The anatomy of a unique campaign

Source photographique : Julie Buchinger, Infopresse

Source photographique : Julie Buchinger, Infopresse

Interview with Christiane Rochon, creator of the campaign

Q. – The Save Mai Duong campaign was anything but traditional. What were the objectives?

C. R. – The objective was both simple and complex: to find a donor for Mai. The “collateral benefits” were to increase awareness of stem cell donation and to conduct a successful blood drive campaign. But the real objective—the only one—was to find a match for Mai in the Vietnamese community.

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Why are there so many festivals in Quebec and how can brands make the most of them?


Special Report — Daniel Juillet, vice-president, CROP

Let’s say you wanted to spend every weekend attending a festival in Quebec. Well, guess what: you’d need five years or more to take them all in. In fact, Quebec has over 250 festivals (and even more according to certain sources). Why so many? Why do Quebecers flock to them? And what opportunities does this create for brands?

Yes, the Quebec joie de vivre is often served up as an explanation for the festival frenzy. We’re pleasure seekers. We like to party. We like to laugh, sing and dance. But that’s not the whole story. As part of CROP’s Panorama/3SC research program, we looked into the personal values of participants at some of Quebec’s biggest festivals and discovered that Quebecers’ legendary hedonism isn’t the only thing drawing them to festivals. Continue reading

10 clever partnerships you need to remember

Some marketing stunts become overnight successes. Some are easily forgotten, while others stick. Here are some of our team’s favourite partnership activations and celebrity endorsements.

 10. Kmart and Joe Boxer: A match made in heaven

Beyond the obvious intent to entertain, this cobranded ad is great. Why? First, the similarity of the target audience shared by the two companies is bang on. Second, it is a straightforward association between a manufacturer and a retailer, which can better drive sales for both companies.

9. LG and South African Rugby: Clean and dirty

How do you tell a story about an appliance brand and a sports team? Thinking outside the box when using sponsorship assets in a meaningful way went a long way for this partnership. The clever use of LG’s branding at the stadium led to many more impressions online as the content went viral.

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11. Ideas (Bonus material)


The Elevent team pooled it’s knowledge to put together this practical guide on sponsorship management, from a property perspective. This is a bonus section.

Examples of Categories:

Food and beverage

Proposal ideas:

-       Visibility on the event site

-       Kiosks providing visitors with product samples Continue reading

10. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Cause Related Marketing (CRM)


The Elevent team pooled it’s knowledge to put together this practical guide on sponsorship management, from a property perspective. This is the last of ten articles.

Establishing a partnership with a charity or cause may help to increase the sponsorship’s benefits as it represents a much sought-after opportunity for companies and brands. Several different approaches can be taken: Continue reading

9. Sponsorship Management


The Elevent team pooled it’s knowledge to put together this practical guide on sponsorship management, from a property perspective. This is the ninth of ten articles.

As a sponsored organization, you must take decisions on a daily basis. A sponsorship program entails as much management as putting together the event and selling tickets.


Managing the image of your organization is essential to maintain and enhance its brand equity. Sponsors associate their brands with your image, making it even more important that you build and preserve it. Continue reading